A few scripts for mlmmj mailing-list manager

I found the mlmmj mailing list manager elegant and easy to use, however I found a few scripts missing from the distribution:

New mailinglist (for Postfix)

This script creates a new mailinglist in a Postfix and virtual host environment. This scripts updates Postfix config (/etc/postfix/virtual) and aliases table (/etc/mail/aliases) as well as setting up the list with meaningfull "Reply-To" fields, a "[listname]" subject prefix, etc.

The script uses a modified version of the distributed mlmmj-make-ml.sh - copy the following two files to the same directory and you should be on your way:


Archive website

This is a simple script maintains a web-archive copy of a mlmmj-list-archive. It checks for new data and runs Hypermail if new mails have arrived. The idea is to run the script periodically with cron:

*/30 * * * * root update-archive.sh mylist /var/www/mylist /var/spool/mlmmj/mylist-fqdn.dk

Download the script and put it somewhere meaningfull (ex. "/usr/local/bin/"):

Copyright © 2006 Martin Leopold Created on May 15, 2006
Last modification on Dec 8, 2006